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Oregon Constitutional Law
Oregon was a pioneer of the movement to interpret state constitutions independently of the U.S. Constitution. Not only does the Oregon Constitution address many of the rights protected by the federal Constitution, but it also defines many of the powers that the federal Constitution reserved for the states. Oregon attorneys must be familiar with the Oregon Constitution and the appellate courtsí interpretations of it. This first edition of Oregon Constitutional Law is designed for exactly that purpose. It covers many of the rights protected by Article I, Oregonís Bill of Rights, as well as the initiative and referendum processes, financing of state government, taxation, and home rule. More importantly, it includes practical advice about how to litigate state constitutional issues. This book is an essential resource for every Oregon practitioner.

Rights of Foreign Nationals
Rights of Foreign Nationals addresses issues affecting foreign nationals living in Oregon by combining relevant statutes, rules, and cases on matters such as domestic relations, employment, personal injuries, criminal offenses, business law, and public benefits. This valuable reference will help lawyers avoid potential pitfalls, and highlights situations in which standard advice for a citizen client might be inappropriate for a noncitizen client. Highlights include: how proper service is executed on parties living outside the United States, which Oregon crimes are considered aggravated felonies that would render a client deportable, how foreign nationals are protected under federal and Oregon housing laws, the types of public benefits that are available to noncitizens, how a clientís immigration status affects his or her right to relief under U.S. employment laws, how Oregonís new DMV requirements affect noncitizens trying to obtain a driver license or ID card, and much more.

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Interpreting Oregon Law

Prepare yourself to argue for the proper interpretation of a statute, administrative rule, or constitutional provision on behalf of your client. Edited by Judge Jack Landau, an expert in statutory interpretation, this publication will guide you through the PGE statutory construction analysis as recently modified by Gaines so that you will be prepared to effectively argue your case at trial and on appeal.

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