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The Rights of Children and Adolescents

A new publication from the Oregon State Bar written by University of Oregon law professor Leslie J. Harris, The Rights of Children and Adolescents is an indispensable resource for anyone who needs a quick reference regarding where children and adolescents stand under the law. This handy booklet covers a broad spectrum of issues: custody, visitation, and child support; ownership, management, and taxation of children's property; parents' and children's liability in tort and contract; and children's access to government benefits. It contains in-depth information about children's rights in school and covers the law that applies specifically to adolescents on issues such as employment, driving, curfew, marriage, sexual activity and family planning, medical treatment, and emancipation. The Rights of Children and Adolescents is a must-have not only for Oregon lawyers who represent children but also for lawyers who have clients with children.

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Family Law

Represent your clients with confidence with this complete Family Law, 2013 Revision! Family Law is the essential book for Oregon lawyers who deal with any aspect of family law practice. This three-volume revision includes 2012 Legislation and covers the basics--interspersed with practice tips, caveats, and queries--on spousal support, child support, child custody and parenting time, property division, family law procedures, and much more.

"The Family Law book is a comprehensive resource for the majority of issues involved in Family Law. Its the first source I use in researching all issues involved in representing my clients. A wonderful initial source for research and concise summary of Oregon law."
--Rich Potter, Eugene, OR

Juvenile Law

We are in the process of revising and reorganizing Juvenile Law into two separate volumes. Volume 1, Juvenile Law: Dependency is due out in mid-2017. Volume 2, Juvenile Law: Delinquency is due out in mid-2018. Copies of the 2007 edition are available at a reduced price while supplies last.

Written by lawyers, judges, juvenile court staff, and child psychologists, Juvenile Law deals with issues relevant to both delinquency and dependency cases and offers a thorough examination of the Juvenile Code as well as the code’s case law interpretations. In addition, 2007 legislation is incorporated, including paternity determinations by the juvenile court. And, as always, our expert authors have added many practice tips and comments that help make this book an essential tool for your practice.

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