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Administering Oregon Estates

From initiating a probate proceeding to managing and distributing estate assets, Administering Oregon Estates will help you guide the personal representative through the process. Learn all the details involved in administering an estate in a smooth and timely fashion, including notifying heirs, devisees, and other interested persons; managing estate assets; dealing with tax issues; preparing accountings; distributing estate assets; and closing the estate. The book also discusses other relevant issues, such as the requirements of a valid will; claims against an estate; will contests; wrongful death claims; survivorship of causes of action; and intestate succession. Alternatives to probate as well as small estate proceedings are also discussed in this book.

Administering Trusts in Oregon

This publication is currently out-of-stock. Active or active pro bono members of the Oregon State Bar can access this publication through BarBooks™.

Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Transfers to Minors

2018 Edition Coming Soon!

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