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Appeal and Review: The Basics

Based on reader feedback, Appeal and Review: The Basics is a major departure from the previous edition. This new edition covers the fundamental procedural and substantive areas with which every appellate practitioner—at every level of experience—must be familiar. Get answers to questions like these: What are the basic elements of a good brief? What special considerations should be taken into account when appealing criminal, juvenile, or workers’ compensation cases? What factors should be considered when selecting and evaluating issues to appeal? And much more.

This first volume in the Appeal and Review series provides historical and practical context for the answers to your basic questions.

Appeal and Review: Beyond the Basics

You’ve filed a few appeals. You’re familiar with the statutes governing appeals. Maybe you know the ORAPs inside out. But what about all those unwritten rules that are not captured in black-letter law? What do experienced appellate practitioners know that you don’t? For the first time, those secrets are compiled in Appeal and Review: Beyond the Basics. Written by appellate judges, longtime appellate lawyers, and Oregon’s Appellate Commissioner, Appeal and Review: Beyond the Basics contains those invaluable practice tips that will take your appellate advocacy to the next level.

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