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The Oregon State Bar Elder Law Section has a Listserve. Section members should automatically receive the Listserve posts. If a member is not receiving the posts, they should contact Sarah Hackbart at the Oregon State Bar to confirm that the Bar has their correct email address. Sarahs email address is shackbart@osbar.org.

To send a posting to the listserve, send your message to eldlaw@forums.osbar.org. If you would like to respond to a specific posting, you may simply hit reply on your email program. However, that reply will only be directed to the original sender. If you wish to reply to the entire group, then either select reply to all, or address your reply to eldlaw@forums.osbar.org.

Netiquette on the Listserve

Membership is Diverse

The 500 plus membership of the Elderlaw Section is diverse. Each message sent to the list is shared with all subscribers. Therefore messages should be of general interest. In addition, the members of the Elder Law section include attorneys from both the private and public sector. So while the following suggestions would apply to any listserve, please keep in mind the adversarial nature of law. Once a message has been sent, it cannot be retrieved. Comments concerning others should remain courteous and professional. The following are a few more helpful netiquette suggestions:

Keep paragraphs and messages short and to the point. When responding to a message, edit out whatever is not directly applicable to your reply

Your signature footer should include your name, firm, complete e-mail address, telephone and fax number

All caps is universally perceived in e-mail as SHOUTING.

Avoid symbols.

Off-color comments and sarcasm are inappropriate.

When quoting from other sources, please give credit where due.

Avoid any implication of anti-trust: avoid conversations about pricing and/or fees.

Respond privately to requests for referrals and to any other message that asks you to respond privately. Above all else, be professional and careful about what you say about others.

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