Oregon State Bar Bulletin — JULY 2010

Bar Actions


Note: More than 14,000 persons are eligible to practice law in Oregon. Some of them share the same name or similar names. All discipline reports should be read carefully for names, addresses and bar numbers.

OSB #802120
Form B resignation

On April 29, 2010, the Oregon Supreme Court accepted the Form B resignation of Welches lawyer Glenda P. Durham. At the time of the resignation, Durham was the subject of a formal disciplinary proceeding in which it was alleged that she violated numerous rules of professional conduct, including: DR 1-102(A)(4)/RPC 8.4(a)(4) (conduct prejudicial to administration of justice); DR 2-110(B)/RPC 1.16(a) (failure to withdraw); DR 6-101(A)/RPC 1.1 (lack of competence); DR 6-101(A) (neglect); DR 6-101(B)/RPC 1.4(a) & (b) (duty to communicate with client); DR 5-103(B)/RPC 1.8(e) (advancing financial assistance to clients); and RPC 8.1(a)(1) & (2) (incomplete and false responses to the bar). The allegations concerned her representation of certain property owners within a residential subdivision who were attempting to prevent other owners within the subdivision from partitioning their property. Durham represented the plaintiffs at trial, on appeal and in related proceedings that extended over several years and resulted in rulings adverse to the plaintiffs, including an assessment of attorney fees against them.

Durham’s resignation was effective immediately.

OSB #932270
30-day suspension, stayed with probation

On Feb. 19, 2010, a trial panel issued an opinion effective April 24, 2010, suspending Medford lawyer Peter J. Carini from the practice of law for 30 days for violating RPC 1.4(a) (failing to keep a client reasonably informed about the status of a matter and promptly comply with reasonable requests for information), RPC 3.4(c) (knowingly disobeying an obligation under the rules of a tribunal) and RPC 8.4(a)(4) (engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of law.) The suspension is stayed pending Carini’s successful completion of probation within 90 days.

In one matter, Carini had three cases simultaneously set for trial on the same day in three different counties, including one in Josephine County. One week before the scheduled trial date, Carini reported to the court that he was ready to try the case in Josephine County. Carini was informed that his case was the primary setting. Late in the afternoon on the day before the scheduled trial date, Carini advised the Josephine County court that he would be unable to appear for trial the next morning because he needed to appear for trial in another county. The Josephine County court instructed Carini to appear for trial. Instead, Carini arranged for a colleague to appear and present a motion to postpone the trial. The trial panel concluded that Carini knew or should have known of the inevitable scheduling conflict long before it manifested itself and should have, pursuant to UTCR 6.040, timely informed the courts of the conflict so that it could be resolved.

In another matter, Carini represented a client in a criminal matter. For an extended period, Carini failed to keep his client reasonably informed about the status of the matter and did not respond to multiple inquiries from his client.

The trial panel dismissed other charges because the bar had not sustained its burden of proving them by clear and convincing evidence.

OSB #852246
Lake Oswego
30-day suspension

The disciplinary board has approved a stipulation for discipline in which Lake Oswego lawyer Paula B. Hammond will be suspended from the practice of law for 30 days, effective June 1, 2010, for violations of DR 6-101(A)/RPC 1.1 (lack of competence), DR 2-110(B)(2)/RPC 1.16(a)(1) (failure to withdraw) and DR 1-102(A)(4)/RPC 8.4(a)(4) (conduct prejudicial to administration of justice).

Hammond agreed to serve as co-counsel for plaintiffs in a lawsuit in which the clients, who were owners of property within a residential subdivision, were opposing efforts by other subdivision owners to partition their properties. Over the next two years, Hammond performed a variety of services at her co-counsel’s request in this and related proceedings without the knowledge, skill or experience reasonably necessary for the representation of clients in land use, litigation and appellate matters. The trial court, finding the case a procedural morass, ruled adversely to the plaintiffs and assessed attorney fees against them, in part, due to actions taken by Hammond and her co-counsel. In addition, the defendants incurred attorney fees and costs in their defense and the trial, and appellate courts were required to devote a substantial amount of time to the litigation and related proceedings that would not have otherwise been necessary but for the misconduct.

The stipulation recited that Hammond had no prior record of discipline, did not act with a dishonest or selfish motive, was cooperative in the bar proceeding and was remorseful.


Effective June 19, 2010, a trial panel dismissed a complaint alleging that a lawyer violated RPC 8.4(a)(4) (engage in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice) of the Rules of Professional Conduct by advising a client to violate a court order.

The lawyer represented a father in an ongoing dissolution of marriage proceeding. In a June 2007, judgment, the court awarded custody of the three minor children to the father and gave the mother parenting time every other week.

In early September 2008, significant conflict developed between the mother and the couple’s oldest child. As a result of that conflict, when the mother’s next parenting week was to begin, the father decided not to allow mother to have parenting time with the oldest child until the conflict resolved itself. The father consulted with his lawyer about his decision the next morning.

At the disciplinary hearing, the lawyer testified that during the consultation he advised father that if father believed that suspending mother’s parenting time was in the best interests of the child, then he could take that action, but that there was some risk in doing so because the mother could file a motion for contempt or for expedited enforcement and a judge would determine whether the father’s decision had been correct. Based upon that testimony and the circumstances presented to the lawyer, the trial panel concluded that the bar failed to prove that the lawyer had advised his client to violate the parenting time order or engage in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.


The following have applied for admission under the reciprocity, house counsel or law teacher rules. The Board of Bar Examiners requests that members examine this list and bring to the board’s attention in a signed letter any information that might influence the board in considering the moral character of any applicant for admission. Send correspondence to Admissions Director, Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281.

Reciprocity: Elizabeth Jean Brownhill, Rosemary Alice Mooney Foster, Francis Grey, Mathew Kidman Higbee, Joshua David Johnson, Roy Jerome Koegen, Celia Hope Leber, Kenneth L. Lederman, Aloysius Grant Lingg, Shelby Lynn Nuenke-Davison, Michael Anthony Pope, Genice Ann Gladow Rabe and Adam Donald Reed.

House Counsel: Monica Louise Wolf Marvin.

Notice of Reinstatement Application
The following attorneys have filed an application for reinstatement as an active member of the Oregon State Bar pursuant to Rule of Procedure (BR) 8.1:

Timothy M.B. Farrell of Hood River, #923007. Timothy Farrell transferred to inactive status in 2004 because he was not practicing law in Oregon. From 1996 to 2006, he practiced law in Saipan and Guam and in Seattle. Thereafter, Farrell practiced in Virginia before returning to Oregon. Upon reinstatement, he plans to establish a solo law practice in Hood River.

Allan F. Knappenberger of Portland, #731691. Allan Knappenberger seeks reinstatement following two disciplinary suspensions: In re Knappenberger, 340 Or 573, 135 P3d 297 (2006) (one year suspension); and In re Knappenberger, 344 Or 559, 186 P3d 272 (2008) (two year suspension). He has been employed as a contract legal assistant while suspended and intends to reestablish his law practice upon reinstatement.

The Rules of Procedure require the Board of Governors to conduct an investigation of BR 8.1 reinstatement applications to determine whether applicants possess the good moral character and general fitness to practice law and whether the resumption of the practice of law in this state by the applicants will not be detrimental to the administration of justice or the public interest. Any person with information relevant to these applications is asked to contact promptly the OSB Regulatory Services Division, P.O. Box 231935, Tigard, OR 97281; phone: (503) 620-0222, or toll-free in Oregon, (800) 452-8260), ext. 343.

Applicants for July 2010 bar exam
The following have applied to sit for the July 2010 Oregon bar examination. The Board of Bar Examiners requests that members examine this list and bring to the board’s attention in a signed letter any information that might influence the board in considering the moral character of any applicant for admission.  Send correspondence to Admissions Director, Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners, 16037 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd., PO Box 231935, Tigard, OR  97281-1935.

Jacob Frazer Abbott
Emmitt Michael Adair
Jacqueline Lizeth Alarcon
John Stephan Alarcon
David Nelson Allen
Erik John Anderson
Ryan Joseph Anfuso
David Charles Angyal
Irwin Preston Anonuevo
Thomas Anthony Arany
Tamala J Argue
Karl Neil Arruda
Elizabeth Annaliese Arwood
Kristin Mariko Asai
Michele Sabo Assayag
Emily Candler Auerbach
Anthony Reza Azadeh
James Record Babcock
Jeremy Nelson Babener
Sungho Bae
Ashley Nicole Bannon
Allison Woo Banwarth
Justin John Barbot-Wheaton
Noah Tenaya Feuer Barish
Michelle Platt Bassi
Sara Ann Bateman
Wyatt Sims Baum
Casey Ray Baxter
Leslie Erin Baze
Eric Christopher Beach
Holly Combe Beaty
Lyndsey Christine Bechtel
Ginger Maria Beck
Benjamin Robert Becker
James Haberle Bennett
Macon Louis Benoit
Megan Nicole Bentley
Christina Claire Benton
Sara Ellen Bergan
Alicia Marie Bettenburg
Jennifer Donn Betts
Jeffrey Edward Bilanko
Ariel Victoria Blackthorne
Eric Michael Blaine
Gilbretta Diane Boardman
Marco Aldo Boccato
Nicole Marie Bockelman
Nicholas Joseph Boehm
Amanda Anne Bolliger
Janet Carolyn Borth
David Charles Bourgeau III
Benjamin Devee Boyd
Daniel Lawrence Boyer
Joseph Rand Bradshaw
Tonyia Joann Brady
Sarah Ryan Brandenburg
Mandeev Singh Brar
Aaron Kohl Brauer-Rieke
Manuel O Bravo
Kelli Ann Brensdal
Derek Jason Brice
Christopher Brodie Brown
Nicholas McCune Brown
Megan Ashley Browning
John David Burgess
Richard Lee Burnett
Marvin Nathan Cable
David Paul Cadaret
Steven Frank Cade
Joshua Victor Callahan
Jesse Marshall Calm
Jason David Caplan
Sarah Catherine Carlin
Ian Williamson Carmany
Ryan Lee Carpenter
Jeffrey Ray Carter
Lemarr Ellis Carver
Brian Kevin Case
Daniel David Castillo
Peter Bevil Castleberry
Bartholomew Aaron Catching
John Elias Cathcart-Rake
Brian Richard Cavner
Moises Roman Ceja
Andrew John Chamberlain
Noah DePauw Chamberlain
Jessica Cannon Chase
Lauren Elizabeth Childers
Skye Melinda Forbes Christakos
Mary Ann Christian
Matthew Anthony Cincotta
Anne-Marie W Clark
Meghan Elizabeth Clark-Kilcoyne
Mary Kate Clason
Antoine Phil Cobb
Sarah Zena Cohen
Rafael Colin
Nathaniel Zeno Conley
Ryan Colvin Connell
Elizabeth Marie Cook
Matthew David Costanzo
Daniel Croy Cotton
James Randall Cowan
Lindsey Erin Craven
Jeffrey David Crider
Gaylord Eric Maurice Crovetto
Joseph Irving Crowell
Lauren Elizabeth Cullop
Kelly Gina Cusick
Patrick Phillip D'Haem
Elizabeth Gillingham Daily
Megan Canaday Daniels
Trevor Martin Darling
Risa Marie Davis
Craig Francis Day
Lindsay Marie Day
Joel Mathew DeVore
Duncan Brewster Delano
Tracy Elizabeth Demers
Ross Cooper Denison
Danielle Dawn Deurmier
Maria Francesca Di Miceli
Guillermo Ramos Diaz
Lee Ann Dillbeck
Thomas Nicholas Dimitre
Xiaohong Ding
Derek Noah Dizney
Bridget McElwee Donegan
Brian Terry Dood
John Joseph Dooney III
Charles Paul Doty
Aloysius Matthew Drapcho
Kimberly Sue Drewett
Suraya Zawideh Dudley
Richard Michael Duignan III
Marshall Forest Dunst
Jennifer Barclay Eadie
Elissa Ann Eckman
William John Edgar
Michael Eichner
Julieanna Elegant
Emily Elizabeth Elison
Jaimie Anne Ellis
Nina Ruth Englander
Allison Nicole Enriquez-Buehler
Krista Nicole Evans
Matthew William Evans
Adele Catherine Ewert
Tessan Farbiarz
Laura Nicole Farris
Elizabeth Farry
Kelsea Joann Feola
Gerald Kent Fields
Nathaniel Drake Fieweger
Andrew Knowlton Fletcher
Jennifer Alexandra Flint
Courtney Diane Foley
Tracy Joanne Frazier
Lauren Frances Freeman
William Abraham Ganser V
Nathan Lee Garcia
Amanda Kara Garty
Scott Gordon Gatherum
Jonathan Edward Geiger
Louis Irving Geltman
Russell Lee Getchell
Rand Johnson Getlin
Rosanna Edith Gibson
Andrew David Ginis
Andrew Michael Goll
Jonathan Clark Gonzales
Grady Oran Goodall
Erin Elizabeth Gould
Kent Nolan Graham
Kristopher Kevin Gray
Andrew Powell Green
Robin Rae Gregory
Anthony Francis Griffin
Haley Lynn Griffith
Joseph Charles Griggs
Jessica Lynn Grosz
Spencer Gwartney
Sarah Kathleen Hagerty
Alison Hall Sundby
Shannon Leigh Hall
Michael Jae Kaplan Hamilton
Song E Han
Mark Gregory Hansen
Christopher Robert Harding, Jr.
Alisa Diane Hardy
Esther Rebecca Harris
Ashley Anne Hartmeier
Trevor Rockwell Haskell
Ryan Jamison Hatch
Stephen Joseph Healy
Jonas John Hemenway
Lin Joy Hendler
Viviana Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez-Calderon
Stefanie Marie Herrington
Michael Abraham Herron
Amy Maria Hicksted
Daniel Delizon Higgins
Bradley Potter Hill
Tyler Paul Hinton
Jason Kaoru Hirano
Jasmine Christine Hites
Michael Edward Hodgson
Aaron John Hodukavich
Eryn Karpinski Hoerster
Mary Rachel Hoffman
Nancy Ricker Hoffman
Leanne Vinson Holm
Erika Lindsay Holsman
Delfina Sarah Homen
Tyler Scott Hood
Keely Malia Hopkins
Jackie Ellen Hovey
Jackson Roy Howa-Morrow
Travis William Huisman
Jennifer Lynn Hunking
Monte Ray Hunter
Jordon Alan Huppert
Russell Ryan Husen
Amanda Summer Husted
Grant Edward Ingram
Wade Cameron Isbell
Rebecca Ann Ivanoff
Melanie Anne Iverson-Kaufman
Marshall William Ivey
Tina Lin Izen
Teresa Gail Jacobs
Tyler Geoffrey Jacobsen
Elizabeth Ann Jarvis
Joseph David Jennings
Annie Jhun
Blake David Johnson
Peter Edward Johnson
Kathryn Lynn Jones
Martin Thomas Jones II
Lindsey Davis Joseph
Joseph Thomas Kaempf
Valerie Renee Kamps
Robert Garrett Kellogg
Eli Warren Kem
Alycia Edgeworth Kennedy
Colleen Marie Kennedy
Justin Matthew Keppinger
David Allen Kerr
Noel Forster Kersey
Mark Nicholas Kessler
Jonathan Bert Klein
James Donald Knowles
Nicole Noelani Knudsen
Jeffrey Daniel Koenig
Kristopher Loren Kolta
Richard LeRoy Kraus
Andrew Lincoln Kraushaar
Nicole Anne Krishnaswami
Amanda Lynn Krismer
Kyle Larry Krohn
Bradley James Krupicka
Melina Cecilia LaMorticella
Sarah Laidlaw
Tyler David Lake
Michael Graham Land
Mary Leonore Susan Lang
Nathan Gabriel Law
Joseph Austen Lear
Anika Elizabeth Leerssen
Megan Rachelle Lemire
Jennifer Elizabeth Levy
Timothy Randall Lewis
Alexis Anne Lien
Sarah Rose Liljefelt
David Philip Liljengren
Erin Renee Linell
Jonathan Shr-Jen Liou
Joshua Joel Lipps
Michael Litvin
Karen Margaret Long
Derrick Andrew Louie
Ryan Ta Lu
Lacey Brooke Lucas
Benjamin David Lull
Meneleo Jose A Luna II
Sarah Alexis Lundstedt
Rebecca Gose Lynch
Leslie Gayle MacDonald
David Eldon Mackley
John Dean Magana
Jennifer Lynn Maks
Maris Seager Mapolski
Mary Josephine Markle
Candice Joann Martin
Sarah Ann Matsumoto
John Joseph Maxfield
Richard Lee McBreen III
Eric Eugene McClendon
Skye Aubrey McCulloch
David Patrick McDonald
Virginia Jane McGregor
Jessica Lee McKie
Matthew Scott McMullin
Jamie Elizabeth Meier
Aidan Cook Melia
Erik James Melin
David Alan Melvin, Jr.
Debra Nicole Michelson
Adam Russell Miller
Laura Mignon Miller
Travis Lee Miller
Forrest Hansen Millikin
Jennifer Anne Milliron
Dana Margaret Mitchell
Nicole Ann Mitchell
Nathan Conner Moceri
Paul Austin Mockford
Mark Douglas Monson
Andrea Greene Montag
Jacobo Andres Moreno
Xavier-Michael O Moroney
Faith Marie Morse
Kathleen Marie Moura
Taylor Lane Metteer Murdoch
Colin Tyler Murphy
Kianoush Naficy
Mary Anne Nash
Jodi Rae Louise Neel
Lacie Nicole Nelson
Laura Ansley Nelson
Matthew Carl Nelson
Samuel Scott Nelson
Channa Colleen Newell
Erik Warren Nicholson
David Christian Noland
Laurel Anne Nugent
John Martin Nygaard
Logan Garrett O'Shaughnessy
Megan Lane Ochs
George Peter Okulitch
Ryan Andrew Olds
Meredith Lorraine Olsen
Noah David Olson
Elizabeth A B Oshel
Jordan Morrow Otis
Meng Ouyang
Michael Vincent Owens, Jr.
George Willis Devon Pack
Ada Hau Paddock
Meghann Ford Paddock
Paula Alejandra Padilla
Christopher Ryan Page
Joseph Thomas Pallett
Christopher James Palmer
Steve John Pappert
Peter Park
Soohyun Park
Christopher Michael Parker
Wesley Elliott Parker
Charles Shelton Parrott
Andrew Eugene Passmore
James William Pasterczyk
Kyra Rockwell Patterson
Jennifer Christensen Paul
Michael Patrick Paul
Christene Ellis Peabody
Samuel Carl Pecoraro III
Kathryn Ann Peters
Joel Christopher Petersen
Elisabeth Anne Laney Peterson
Emilee Antonia Peterson
Ingrid Lucille Peterson
Christine Sonya Phillips
Felicia LeAnn Phillips
Katy Marie Polluconi
Joshua Paul Pond
Jason Robert Poss
Christopher Michael Potter
Dylan Spencer Reese Potter
Kimberly Joyce Powell-Goodsel
Michael Vincent Pratt
Jason Patrick Preuit
Sarah Marie Price
Brett Arthur Pruess
Hallison Temple Putnam
Jeremy Nathanael Pyle
Ellen Elizabeth Range
John Thomas Rankin
Gregory John Rapkoch
Lindsey Christine Raub
Herbert Scott Rawitscher
Tiffany Michelle Ray
Timothy James Ream
Jered Waid Reid
Robert Christopher Renning
Jeffrey Reuben Rhoades
Maura Beth Richardson
Natasha Ong Richmond
Thomas Curtis Richmond
Scott Millhoff Rider
Peder Andrew Rigsby
Christopher Michael Riha
John Winston Robb
Julien Roohani
Caleb John Rosenau
Jeremiah Vail Ross
Juliane Theresa Ross
Matthew Alan Rowan
Ellen Margaret Rowe
Holly Christi Rudolph
Mary Kathleen Ryan
Gurmit Singh Saini
Leslie Ann Salem
Jason Russel Salmi Klotz
Casey Earl Sanders
Amreet Sandhu
Jaskarn Singh Sandhu
Jay Allen Sayles
Sara Amore Hart Sayles
Stephanie Bourgeois Schilling
John Edward Schlosser
Lauren Lea Schmidt-Dipaola
Alexandra Leigh Schneider
Michael Dale Schopf
Joshua Rietz Schreiner
Matthew Anton Schroettnig
Gregory George Scott
Gregory Kennard Scott
Mary Antonia Alauria Sell
Peenesh Hareesh Shah
Matthew Glynn Shepard
David Leigh Sherbo-Huggins
Kathryn Stoufer Sherman
Patrick Hayes Sherwood
Jordan Ross Silk
Katherine Susana Silva
Jonathan Hershel Singer
Katelyn Diana Skinner
Theofanis George Skourtis
Vincent Leonard Sliwoski
Andrew Carl Smith
Annette Marie Smith
Danielle Binta Smith
Gwendolyn Walker Smith
Jeffrey Daniel Smith
Joseph Donald Smith
Megan Shannon Smith
Todd Robert Smith
Daniel Charles Snyder
Youngki Sohn
Elizabeth Joan Spaulding
Trista Nicole Speer
Jessica Beth Spooner
Don Henry Stait
Katherine Rose Staton
Clayton Wesley Stephens
Gail E Stevens
Sunalei Hito Stewart
Pierson Weidling Stoecklein
Jonathan Patrick Strauhal
Peter Anthony Straumfjord
Kathleen Megill Strek
Kirk Hans Strohman, Jr.
Shelly Ann Strunk
John Christopher Sturm
Nathaniel Joseph Suchy
Michelle Kikue Sugahiro
Shestin Renee Swartley
Rebecca Lynne Swinney
Eleanor Iris Tami
Eric Joseph Tavares
David Todd Taylor
Michael George Taylor
Stephanie Ann Taylor
Chettha Paul Techo
Robert Ray Teel
Bryan James Telegin
Sommer Joy Templet
Sage Josie Teton
Ryan Taylor Tharp
Maret Kim Thatcher
Christine E Thelen
Aubrey Laine Thomas
Michael Drew Thompson
Stephen James Thompson
Brandon Scott Thueson
Kimberly Marie Tocco
David Lane Toensmeier II
Sascha Evangeline Topa
Lea Torrevillas
Suzanne Christine Trujillo
William Bryan Tucker
Sarah Elizabeth Tuthill
Rachel Marie Twenge
Sara Louise Urch
Kelli Suh Paulson Utrecht
Jerald Jordan Van Rhyn
Christina Marie Vaninetti
Mark Allan Vawter
Jessie Lee Ann Voigt
Leopold Joseph Wachocki
Aaron Yoshio Wakamatsu
Audrey Franziska Walther
Jennifer Nicole Wang
Jovita Wang
Gergory Steven Warner
William James Weidner
Emma Helice Goldsmith Weisman
Jeffrey Paul Weisser

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