Oregon State Bar Bulletin AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2004


In the Limelight
Oregon's flourishing creative climate is a nurturing sector for entertainment lawyers
By Melody Finnemore

The Blakely Dividend
Has the Supreme Court made us
an offer we can't refuse?

By Jesse W. Barton

A State of Flux
Trends in the regulation
of multijurisdictional practice

By George A. Riemer

Profiles in the Law
Jeff Rogers: The Counselor
By Melody Finnemore


Letters to the Editor


OSB Continuing Legal Education

Bar Counsel
Making Advances:
Things to consider before
advancing money to clients

By Sylvia E. Stevens

Managing Your Practice
Back to Basics:
Sweating the small stuff pays big dividends
By Emily Eichenhorn

Oregon Legal Heritage
Military Justice:
Law and order, Oregon and the Civil War

By Scott McArthur


Bar News

Among Ourselves


In Memoriam


Parting Thoughts
Abu Ghraib as an Opportunity
By Victor Kelley

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Oregon is home to some of the country's top talent, has developed a reputation as a creative incubator and regularly appears in films distributed worldwide. Writer Melody Finnemore looks at the sector of entertainment law that has emerged.