OSB Events

2016 50-Year Member Recognition

Friday, March 11, 2016
11:30 - 1:30 p.m.
Tualatin Country Club
9145 SW Tualatin Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062

Honoring the Class of 1966

Gary R. Ackley, Barbara Bader Aldave, Jonathan A. Ater, Richard D. Bach, Ron D. Bailey, John F. Baker, Peter L. Barnhisel, James A. Blevins, Robert E. Brasch, Sid Brockley, Gary M. Bullock, Fredrick G. Capell, Thomas O. Carter, Richard S. Ciceric, Michael E. Clift, Arthur B. Cummins, Jr., Thomas H. Denney, Paul R. Duden, James R. Dyke, Ronald G. Erickson, Ira S. Feitelson, John E. Ferris, Stephen B. Fonda, William B. Freck, Hon. W. Michael Gillette, Dean P. Gisvold, Nick I. Goyak, James E. Griffin, Beverly B. Hall, Harry M. Hanna, James G. Heltzel, Frank H. Hilton, Thomas H. Hoyt, James F. Larson, William O. Lewis, H. Clifford Looney, Hon. Jon B. Lund, Kenneth M. McCaw, Jr., Richard Maizels, Evohl F. Malagon, Fred B. Miller, David M. Munro, Robert K. Naslund, Dewey A. Newton, Daniel H. O'Connell, Kevin P. O'Connell, Jack R. Platten, Ivan R. Polk, Robert C. Robertson, Ted E. Runstein, William F. Schulte, William R. Selby, Norman Sepenuk, J. Bradford Shiley, Patrick M. Smith, R. P. Joe Smith, George C. Spencer, John W. Stuart, John L. Svoboda, Les Swanson, Miles Sweeney, Ronald G. Talney, Thomas N. Tomashek, Charles H. Turner, Richard A. Uffelman, Hon. Lyle C. Velure, Larry R. Volchok, Edward H. Warren, Thomas E. Wurtz

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Oregon State Bar Annual Awards

Annual Awards Lunchean

Each year, based on nominations from members and the public, the Oregon State Bar honors a select group of lawyers and judges who have made outstanding contributions to the community and the profession. Please join us in recognizing these outstanding lawyers and judges at a luncheon on Thursday, December 10, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Sentinel Hotel in Portland:

The President’s Membership Service Award, which honors attorneys for contributions made to the profession, will be presented to Judith A. Parker and Simon Whang.

The President’s Public Service Award, which honors attorneys for their commitments to public service and pro bono work, will be presented to Barnes H. Ellis, Elizabeth C. Knight and Chanpone Sinlapasai.

The President’s Diversity & Inclusion Award, which recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the goal of increasing minority representation in the legal profession, will be presented to Hon. John V. Acosta and Hon. Adrienne C. Nelson.

The President’s Sustainability Award recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the goal of sustainability in the legal profession in Oregon through education, advocacy, leadership in adopting sustainable business practices, or other significant efforts. This year’s recipient are Heather A. Brinton, S. Ward Greene and Kimberlee A. Stafford.

The President’s Public Leadership Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the bench and bar by individuals who are not members of the Oregon State Bar. This year’s recipient is Linda Tomassi.

The President’s Special Award of Appreciation is presented to people who have made recent outstanding contributions to the bar, the bench and/or the community. This year’s recipients are Sen. Peter M. C. Courtney, Sen. Floyd F. Prozanski, Rep. Tobias Read and Rep. Jennifer A. Williamson.

The Wallace P. Carson Jr., Award for Judicial Excellence recognizes an Oregon judge who has made significant contributions to the judicial system and who is a model of professionalism, integrity and judicial independence. The 2015 recipient is the Hon. Katherine E. Tennyson.

The bar’s highest honor, the Award of Merit, recognizes an Oregon lawyer who has made outstanding contributions to the bench, the bar and the community at large, and who exhibits the highest standards of professionalism. The 2015 Award of Merit will be presented to William A. Barton

In addition, the Oregon Bench & Bar Commission on Professionalism will present its Edwin J. Peterson Professionalism Award to Alycia N. Sykora.

50-Year Member Recognition Event Honoring the Class of 1965

Members of the Oregon State Bar's Class of 1965 marked their 50th year of membership with a celebration at the Tualatin Country Club on March 20, 2015. Twenty-five class members along with family, friends and the Board of Governors attended the luncheon in their honor. See more and download photos here

1965 Class Photo