OSB Events

2014 50-Year Member Recognition Event

Friday, April 4, 2014
11:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Tualatin Country Club
9145 SW Tualatin Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062

Honoring the Class of 1964

Jerome R. Barton, Donald G. Bird, Ronald L. Bryant, Carl Burnham, Jr., George V. Carney, Dennis M. Chorba, Robert P. Coblens, Hugh K. Cole, Donald R. Crane, Donna D. Davis, Dean D. DeChaine, Jon M. Dickinson, Hon. James C. Donnell, Barnes H. Ellis, Richard E. Forcum, A. Richard Grant, Walter H. Grebe, William Henry Hampton, III, Hon. John Jelderks, Sherman B. Kellar, Charles L. Kobin, Thomas F. Levak, Tyler Marshall, Robert T. Mautz, B. Gary McBride, Hon. Robert B. McConville, Hon. Robert J. Morgan, Hardy Myers, Gene A. Noland, James R. Park, James E. Petersen, Robert D. Richmond, William D. Rutherford, Malcolm H. Scott, George O. Tamblyn, Hon. Ronald D. Thom, Lance Tibbles, Hon. Carroll J. Tichenor, Dan Van Thiel, Jacob E. Vilhauer, Jr., Lee S. Werdell

Oregon State Bar Annual Awards

The following awards were presented in 2013:

The Presidentís Membership Service Award, which honors attorneys for contributions made to the profession, will be presented to David Heynderickx and Gina Johnnie.

The Presidentís Public Service Award, which honors attorneys for their commitments to public service and pro bono work, will be presented to Gene Grant.

The Presidentís Affirmative Action Award, which recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the goal of increasing minority representation in the legal profession, will be presented to the Honorable Angel Lopez.

The Presidentís Sustainability Award recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the goal of sustainability in the legal profession in Oregon through education, advocacy, leadership in adopting sustainable business practices, or other significant efforts. This yearís recipient is Max Miller.

The President's Special Award of Appreciation is a discretionary award of the President of the OSB given to people who have made recent outstanding contributions to the bar, the bench and/or the community. The 2013 recipients are Gerry Gaydos and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

The Wallace P. Carson, Jr., Award for Judicial Excellence recognizes an Oregon judge who has made significant contributions to the judicial system and who is a model of professionalism, integrity and judicial independence. The 2013 recipient is the Honorable Paul De Muniz.

The Award of Merit, the OSB's highest honor, will be presented to David Thornburgh for outstanding contributions to the bench, the bar and the community-at-large.

In addition, the Oregon Bench & Bar Commission on Professionalism will present its Edwin J. Peterson Professionalism Award to the Honorable David Brewer.

2013 50-Year Member Recognition Event

Honoring the Class of 1963

Ronald E. Bailey, William V. Bierek, Jann W. Carpenter, Jean W. Christensen, Paul K. Davis, Gerard K. Drummond, Ridgway K. Foley, Jr., Hon. Karl W. Freerksen, Jr., Hon. Jackson L. Frost, Robert D. Geddes, Gersham Goldstein, Bernard Jolles, Paul W. Jones, Bruce D. Kayser, Hon. Garr M. King, Jerry G. Kleen, Vincent R. Larson, Charles I. McGinnis, Charles J. Merten, Roger A. Nelson, Daniel E. O'Leary, Alice M. Plymell, Richard F. Porter, James E. Redman, William L. Richardson, George D. Rives, Bruce J. Rothman, Bruce B. Samsonv Richard A. Sly,