Family Law

2008 Cumulative supplement

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Table of
Contents and Sample Instructions

As one of our best-selling titles, Family Law’s cumulative supplement includes four revised chapters and over 900 pages of updated information, from child support to property division.

New or updated in this book:
  • Information on Oregon’s new domestic partnership laws
  • Analysis of Oregon’s new workplace leave law
  • Examination of changes to the presumptions of a father’s paternity of a child born in wedlock
  • Requirements that health care coverage be provided as part of child support orders or modifications
  • Paternity presumption that determines parentage of a child born within 300 days after a marriage is terminated
  • Prenuptial Agreement form
  • Mediation and Fee Agreement form
  • Changes in property division after Kunze and Kunze and how this case changed the way a party rebuts the presumption of equal contribution
  • Discussion of the difference between full disclosure and informed consent
  • FAPA court—jurisdiction over out-of-state respondents and authority to modify foreign custody and parenting time orders
  • New section—child support and Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
  • New section—distinction between spousal support award and property award, and spousal support extensions under ORS 107.135

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