Oregon Uniform Civil Jury Instructions, 2008 Supplement

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It's time to update your Civil Jury Instructions book! Don't be caught unprepared using an outdated instruction—with the 2008 supplement, the UCJI Committee has created nine new instructions, revised nine instructions, and withdrawn four inaccurate instructions. A brand-new Users' Guide is also included.

Nine New Instructions
UCJI No. 5.00, Introductory Instruction: Introduces jury to the trial process and parties.
UCJI No. 14.03, Clear and Convincing Evidence: Provides definition of this standard of proof.
UCJI Nos. 52.01, 52.02, 52.03, and 52.04, Liability for Domestic Animals: Provide for standards of care, damages recovery, and definitions.
UCJI No. 53.01, Trespass to Land: States elements for a claim of trespass to land.
UCJI Nos. 75.02A and 75.02B, Punitive Damages: Address relevance of evidence regarding out-of-state conduct and harm to others to punitive damages awards.

Nine Revised Instructions
UCJI No. 5.01, Precautionary Instructions: Revised to plain language and to eliminate redundancy.
UCJI Nos. 14.01, Burden of Proof, and 14.02, Preponderance of the Evidence: Revised for clarity and plain language.
UCJI No. 74.01, Damages—Life Expectancy: Comment revised to provide source of life expectancy tables.

UCJI Nos. 75.02, 75.03, and 75.06, Punitive Damages: Revised in response to Williams v. Philip Morris.

UCJI Nos. 80.06 and 80.07, Waiver by Acceptance of Rent: Comments revised with updated statutory references.


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