Arbitration and Mediation

2008 Cumulative supplement

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Table of
Contents and Sample Chapter

Arbitration and Mediation explains the procedures available to compel—or avoid—arbitration and offers strategies for engaging in effective mediation.

New or updated in this book:
  • A new chapter comparing the Oregon Uniform Arbitration Act and the Federal Arbitration Act, and analyzing which may apply in an Oregon Arbitration
  • Tips and resources for finding an appropriate mediator for a specific area of law
  • The new standard for overturning an arbitration award
  • A review of Multnomah County Circuit Court’s new referee procedure
  • New sections outlining the ADR procedures used in the U.S. District and Ninth Circuit Courts
  • Changes in the law affecting the scope and limits of confidentiality in mediation communications
  • Information on addressing ADR involving federal agencies
  • Ethical rules governing lawyer-mediators
  • Changes in enforcement and review of arbitration awards under the Oregon Uniform Arbitration Act

Whether you are a full-time arbitrator or you’ll go to mediation just once, there’s no question that you need this book on your shelf.


1996 2 vols. with 2008 cumulative supplement and forms on CD [420.KT] . . . $245
2008 cumulative supplement with forms on CD and extra binder [420.08KS] . . . $145