2008 Oregon Legislation Highlights

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Many 2008 laws have already taken effect! Are you up to date?
From administrative law to workers’ compensation, 2008 Oregon Legislation Highlights summarizes and explains over 40 enacted bills in 21 chapters. .

This special session volume explains:
  • New requirements for retailers of children's products.
  • Disparate impact discrimination in residential landlord-tenant actions.
  • Regulation of foreclosure consultants and equity conveyances.
  • Regulation of mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers.
  • Release restrictions for certain methamphetamine-related offenses.
  • New withholding amounts on certain real property conveyances.
  • Clarification of the business energy tax credit.
Answer these questions and more:
  • What documents are required to obtain an Oregon driver license or identification card?
  • What progress has been made toward electronic filing in state court?
  • How much of an inheritance tax credit is available for farming, forestry, and commercial fishing property?
  • How did the legislature respond to Phillips v. Polk County regarding lot-line adjustments?

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