Unlawful Practice of Law Committee

Investigate complaints of unlawful practice; recommend prosecution where appropriate.

Meets the 2nd Friday of every month, 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the OSB.

Fitzgerald, Erin K    Chairperson
Mr. Bodzin, Jay     Chair-Elect
Ms. Briede, Mary Ellen    Secretary
Ms. Goracke, Monica A    Member
Ms. Hain, Wendy L    Member
Kamins, Jacob O    Member
Ms. Malone, Andrea K    Member
Mr. Marandas, John J    Member
Mr. Ogurek, Alexander S    Member
Potter, Dylan S R    Member
Mr. Raher, Stephen A    Member
Ms. Smith, Caroline     Member
Wright, Theresa L    Member
Noury, Morad B    Public Member
Reese, Samuel D    Public Member
Rossi, Traci     BOG Contact
Mr. Johnson Roberts, Mark     Bar Liaison