Uniform Criminal Jury Instructions Committee

Develop uniform jury instructions for use in criminal trials.

Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6-8pm at the OSB.

Blumenthal, Erik M    Chairperson
Mr. Rios, Gregory A    Secretary
Mr. Amesbury, David J    Member
Ms. Belais, Anna E    Member
Ms. Biencourt, Erin Nicole    Member
Mr. Dyal, Matthew S    Member
Fisher, Graham C    Member
Hon James, Bronson D    Member
Mr. Jeffers, D Aaron    Member
Mr. Maloney, Paul T    Member
Mr. O'Connor, Ryan T    Member
Ms. Pearse, Tippi C    Member
Ms. Reding, Stacey Michael    Member
Winter, Holly N    Member
Mr. Wirtz, Joel A    Member
Mr. Chaney, James C    BOG Contact
Mr. Land, Dean P    Bar Liaison