Quality of Life Committee

Educate lawyers and firms about the benefits of balancing personal life and career obligations.

Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month except July and August from 12-1pm at the OSB.

Mr. Turner, Michael John    Chairperson
Ms. Dahab, Nadia     Secretary
Mr. Baskerville, Mark J    Member
Mr. Claessens, Greg A    Member
Ms. Claycomb, Sally R    Member
Ms. DeDobbelaere, Lori     Member
Ms. Farrell, Emily Ann    Member
Govro, Kara L    Member
Mr. Nishioka, Bruce Matsuo    Member
Ms. Pitcher, Ellen C    Member
Mr. Reid, Michael B    Member
Ms. Ryan, Michelle A    Member
Ms. Wilson, Shannon Iris    Member
Anreise, Deena M    Public Member
Mr. Medina, Eddie D    BOG Contact
Ms. Hanson, Tanya R    PLF Liaison
Edwards, Dani     Bar Liaison