Public Service Advisory Committee

Provide volunteer opportunities to increase understanding and respect of the justice system by adult Oregonians.

Meets 1-4 times a year on Saturday, at 10:00 a.m. at the OSB.

Ms. Rogers, Shayna M    Chairperson
Ms. Winther, Diana     Secretary
Mr. Bennett, Steven R    Member
Ms. Haas, Janay     Member
Hebb, Sybil     Member
Ms. Lechman-Su, Ann Y    Member
Mr. Leitz, Keith     Member
Ms. Mabinton, Loretta I    Member
Palka, Bonnie Marie    Member
Mr. Patel, Vittal     Member
Ms. Patrick, Jovanna L    Member
Ms. Pringle, Emily     Member
L'Hommedieu, Leanne T    Public Member
Ms. Nordyke, Vanessa A    BOG Contact
Ms. Blackford, Sheila Maloney    PLF Liaison
Mr. McClendon, Eric     Bar Liaison