Oregon eCourt News

Chief Justice signed CJO 15-058 Adopting an Out of Cycle Amendment to UTCR 5.100

Oregon Judicial Department: Expansion of Electronic Notifications

Oregon Judicial Department: Upcoming Changes to Electronically Signed Documents

Changes in Online Access to Oregon Circuit Court Information due to September 14, 2015 Oregon eCourt implementation events

Remote Online Services Availability In Oregon Circuit Courts~ From Sunday, August 30 – Monday, September 28, 2015.

OJD Policy and Standards for Acceptance of Electronic Filings in Oregon

OJD Guidance Document for eFiling Standards.

Mandatory eFiling for Attorneys Filing in Oregon State Courts

As of December 1, 2014 all OSB members are required to use Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey File and Serve eFiling system in any county that has implemented the new Oregon eCourt Case Information (OECI) system. (UTCR 21.140) This means that in most cases lawyers will not be permitted to file documents conventionally with the court. Limited exceptions to mandatory eFiling include original wills, documents filed under seal, and negotiable instruments. A full list can be found in UTCR 21.070.


To create an eFiling account, go to https://oregon.tylerhost.net/ and click the “Register Now” link. This page also has links to FAQs, and reference guides to assist you. Please note that File and Serve only provides access to other eFiled documents, and only for a limited time. You may register for OECI for full document access.

Software and Hardware Requirements for eFiling

  • Create PDF documents – With a few narrow exceptions, an eFiled document must be submitted as a text-searchable PDF (or PDF/A). No specific software program is required, but good options include Adobe Acrobat Pro and Nuance Power PDF.

  • Ability to scan paper documents to PDFs – A scanner will be necessary when you need to convert a paper document into a PDF to include with your filing. Most new scanners come with software to create text-searchable PDFs, and programs like Adobe Acrobat Pro can help you convert the file if your old scanner doesn’t have that ability.

  • eFiling works with most web browsers and operating systems – eFiling can be accomplished using both PCs and Macintosh Computers. All major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are fully compatible with the eFiling system. If your computer is not already running it, you may need to download and install (for free) Microsoft Silverlight when prompted.

CLEs and Training

The Oregon Judicial Department, the Professional Liability Fund, and Tyler Technologies have all been working to create trainings to help lawyers and their staff get up to speed on eFiling.  Many of these trainings (including the ones below) are approved for OSB CLE credit. If you have questions about CLE accreditation, contact the bar at mcle@osbar.org.

Tyler Technologies – Odyssey File & Serve Training
(online training)

PLF – Oregon eCourt Update
(CD or DVD available – program materials online)