Bar Exam Preparation

The Oregon Board of Bar Examiners administers six essay questions as part of the Oregon bar examination. These essay questions consist of a combination of locally-drafted questions and Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) questions. All locally-drafted questions are written by members of the Oregon Board of Bar Examiners and cannot be reproduced or changed in any manner. Samples of MEE questions can be found through the National Conference of Bar Examiners' website at The Admissions Department has provided sample locally-drafted questions below to help aid in studying for the Oregon bar examination. All locally-drafted and MEE question subjects must meet Oregon Supreme Court Rule For Admission 5.15(2). The essay question portion of the bar examination is worth 25% of the total test.

Samples of locally-drafted questions and their issue outlines are provided below by subject. These samples are questions from previously administered examinations. The issue outlines are demonstrative of the discussions that might appear in a good answer. Older questions may have model answers in addition to issue outlines.

Questions and Issue Outlines by Subject

Administrative Law


Civil Procedure

Constitutional Law



Criminal Law and Procedure


Federal Income Tax

Legal Ethics



Sales (UCC Article 2)

Secured Transactions (UCC Articles 1 & 9)


Trusts and Estates/Wills

Third Party Bar Exam Preparation

The Board of Bar Examiners does not endorse any one bar review course over another. 

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